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103 Griboyedov Canal,
St Petersburg

Opening hours

Monday closed

Tuesday 12pm – 8 pm

Wednesday 2pm – 9 pm

Thursday 2pm – 9 pm

Friday 2pm – 9 pm

Saturday 2pm – 9 pm

Sunday 12pm – 8pm


Adult – 250 RUB

*Concessions – 100 RUB

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The mission of the Museum of 20th–21st Century Art of St Petersburg (MASP) educational
centre is to promote the legacy of Leningrad and St Petersburg artists of this and the previous
century represented in the museum’s extensive collection.

The educational centre fulfils its mission through a number of events that accompany every
MASP exhibition:
  • Lectures on various subjects relating to 20th-century art;
  • Workshops in different art genres, taught by St Petersburg artists;
  • Cinema Club brings the audience up to date with the famous feature films on 20th-century culture;
  • Guided Tours
    • overview of the exhibition projects;
    • auteur tours, offered by the Rakurs (Point of View) programme, which go beyond the standard introduction to an exhibition – they are guided by people from different professional backgrounds, sometimes without any, who share their personal views on art and explain the exhibits from a perspective rooted in their personal experience;
    • artistic recursions, introductions to the exhibitions carried out exclusively by artists who may be painters, graphic artists, or sculptors, in which they talk about the exhibitions through the prism of their professional art perception. A recursion has always a certain intrigue to it and is replete with unexpected perceptions and opinions;
  • Art mediations aiming to engage in a dialogue with viewers, involving viewers in a process of learning about visual culture.