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Adult – 300 RUB

*Concessions – 100 RUB

* for details go to TICKETS
103 Griboyedov Canal
St Petersburg
Getting to the museum
By metro 
- Sennaya Ploschad, Sadovaya and Spasskaya metro stations, approximately 15 minutes on foot from there

From Nevskiy Prospekt and Admiralteyskaya metro stations 
- buses 3, 22, 27 to Mariinsky Theatre stop

From Vasileostrovskaya metro station 
- buses 6, 100 to Mariinsky Theatre stop

Any bus to Teatralnaya Square, then walk down Dekabristov Street towards Lviny Lane, turn right into Lviny Lane and then right onto Griboyedov Canal.

Tickets can be purchased at the museum booking office or on the website

Please note that concessions and free admission tickets can also be booked on the website

Admission prices to all exhibitions at the Museum of 20–21 Century Art of St Petersburg (MASP)

Full price during 300 roubles
• Citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus
• foreign citizens, including CIS countries

Concessions, upon presentation of an appropriate document: 100 roubles

• Pensioners of the Russian Federation

• Students of secondary schools and specialized secondary educational institutions (over 16 years of age)

• Full-time higher education students from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries (including foreign students studying in the Russian Federation)

Concessions for the workers of cultural institutions, upon presentation of an appropriate document: 50 roubles

• The RF Ministry of Culture museums’ employees

• Members of the RF creative unions  

• Members of the Russian Academy of Arts

• Members of ICOM

Free admission, upon presentation of an appropriate document:
• Persons awarded the Resident of the Besieged Leningrad badge, the For the Defence of Leningrad medal, the Resident of Besieged Sevastopol badge, the Resident of Besieged Stalingrad badge

• Great Patriotic War and other military actions veterans and disabled persons

• Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory

• Heroes of Socialist Labour, Heroes of Labour of the Russian Federation and full Cavaliers of the Order of Labour Glory, labour veterans

• Participants of Special Military Operation, as well as members of their families, including spouses, parents (adoptive parents), minor children, adult children up to 23 years of age inclusive, studying on a full-time basis in educational institutions of all types

• Former juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos and other places of forced confinement established by the Nazis and their allies during the Second World War

• Children under 16, regardless of citizenship
• Members of large families
• Persons exposed to radiation as a result of the Chernobyl Accident and testing at the Semipalatinsk Test Site and other categories of citizens equated to them
• Disabled persons, with one attendant for groups I and II
• Disabled children with one attendant
• Orphaned children and children left without parental care or staying with foster families

• Cadets of Suvorov Military School, Nakhimov Naval School, military and music schools, other cadets, students of the higher military colleges  

• Personnel performing military service under conscription in the Russian Federation

• Chaperones (no more than two persons) of children’s organised groups of over ten.

MASP is a member of the Pushkin Card programme (follow link for details) and the Edinaia Karta Peterburzhtsa project (you can pay for the museum ticket with your points, follow link for details).

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If you have any questions please contact us at or on +7 (812) 314-98-94

To contact museum keepers please call on +7 (812) 312 25 54

Marina Dzhigarkhanian,
Марина Борисовна Джигарханян.jpg

Associate Director:
Ekaterina Marshall,

Associate Director:
Marina Stekolnikova
Марина Стекольникова.jpg

Head of Department, Project Coordinator:
Darya Nikitina,
Дарья Николаевна Никитина.jpeg

Deputy Head of Department:
Olga Tolstaya,
Ольга Николаевна Толстая.jpg

Acting Chief Keeper of the Museum Collection:

Anastasia Motorina,
Анастасия Алексеевна Моторина.jpg

Museum Collection Keepers:

Oksana Nemchaninova,
Оксана Викторовна Немчанинова.jpg

Sofia Borodina,
София Станиславовна Бородина.jpg

Giulnara Liukmanova,
Гюльнара Хаедаровна Люкманова.jpg

Elena Esono,
Елена Александровна Эсоно.jpg

Exhibition Curators:

Ksenia Bulak,

Фото Булак_ФИН.jpeg

Rufina Amirkhanova,


Aksinia Bataeva,

Аксинья Батаева_кор.jpeg

Education Centre:

Sofia Kucheryavenko,  
Софья Кучерявенко.jpg

Viktorina Smurova, 


Elena Iliina,


Maintenance Engineers:

Alexei Meshkov,
Алексей Мешков.jpg

Vladimir Pleshakov,
Владимир Плешаков.jpg

Yulia Popova,

Social Media Manager:
Maria Kazunko,

Museum admission rules


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday: 12pm–8pm

Wednesday: 2pm–9pm

Museum of 20 th–21st Century Art of St Petersburg (MASP), a branch of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, is a cultural institution of national importance. There are special MASP admission rules, compulsory for all visitors on the territory and in the building of the museum.

1. In order to protect the artifacts and for your safety, we ask you not to touch or lean on museum objects, exhibition equipment and not to go behind railings, if any.

2. Large items, large backpacks, outerwear should be left in the storage room and cloakroom on the ground floor.

3. It is possible to move around the exhibitions in a wheelchair and with a pram on the ground floor of the museum (gallery 1).

Unfortunately, our museum is not equipped with an elevator.


It is forbidden to bring to the museum:

- weapons, stabbing and cutting objects, explosive, flammable and combustible objects, poisonous and corrosive substances; aerosol and gas cans, and objects that contaminate the exhibition rooms and other people;

- works of art and visual materials;

- food and drink;

- animals and birds of all sizes;

- scooters, bicycles, roller skates and similar sports equipment.

Sports equipment and prams can be left in a special area in the museum courtyard under the supervision of security guards.

In case of situations that could affect the safety of museum visitors, please inform the staff.

Visitors who cause harm or material damage can be held administratively or criminally liable.

Thank you for understanding!


Photography without flash, tripods or monopods for selfies is permitted in the museum galleries (except for exhibitions that include works from other collections), without the right to publish and reproduce the material for commercial purposes.

Professional photo and video shooting, tripod shooting and sketching on the museum territory, as well as video and audio recording of museum guided tours is possible only with a written permission of the management.

The right to use for commercial purposes materials, acquired in the process of photo shooting, filming or video shooting of any MASP objects is granted only on the basis of a contract with the museum.


Please put your mobile phone in silent mode and use headphones or an audio headset if necessary in order to observe silence, out of respect for other visitors and museum employees.


It is forbidden in the MASP:

- to carry out commercial activity and give guided tours (except for the authorised employees of the museum);

- to put up posters, distribute any printed or other products, as well as advertising and information materials without the approval of the museum management;

- to listen to audio equipment via  loudspeakers, to use amplification equipment, and to play musical instruments.