Guided Tour of the Current Exhibitions for Silver Age Visitors
20 June,
2024 | 16:00
Guided Tour of the Current Exhibitions for Silver Age Visitors

Visitors will get acquainted with three exhibitions of the Petersburg iconic masters from the second half of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The Unexpected Glance exhibition will present an unusual aspect of the oeuvre of the legendary 1960s sculptor Konstantin Simun, the author of the famous monument The Broken Ring (1966), which became a symbol of Leningrad's feat during the siege. In addition to his classical sculptures, the exhibition features a number of experimental works that have never been exhibited before. Having turned to the ideas of pop art in the 1990–2000s, Simun transforms plastic waste, materials and objects found in landfills into unexpected, sharp from plasticity point art objects filled with emotional content and philosophical depth. 

At the Mythological Suite exhibition of the artist Tatiana Leonova, who started exhibiting in the 1980s, we shall dive into the world of myths legends of the past centuries and enjoy the masterful virtuosity of lines in the works. In her art pieces one can find ancient Venuses in modern context, ancient goddesses invading the harmony and silence of the Summer Garden, the youth of the world that belongs only to lovers, even if it is Zeus in the shape of a huge bull and beautiful Europe.

The Fathers and Children exhibition will introduce the famous dynasty of Vainmans and Natarevichs, presenting it as an example of generational continuity in art and revealing the unique individuality of each of the artists. Genre compositions and portraits from the 1960s and 1970s by the eldest of them, Mikhail Natarevich, immerse us in the atmosphere of the period. Laconic, graceful sign-like figures in the exhibited graphic works and collages by Elena Natarevich, an heir to her father's traditions, tell us about the unhurried flow of life, about the immensity of beauty in the ordinary things. The strength of the talent of sculptor Dmitry Vainman, also from the generation of ‘children’, will be revealed in a series of expressive portraits (including Michelangelo, Pirosmani, Mandelstam), a number of nude, standing out for their plasticity, and relief thematic compositions.

Duration: 1 hour

LocationMuseum galleries

SpecialistElena Iliina

Price300 rubles

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