28 October,
2021 | 16:00

The Museum of 20th–21st Century Art of St Petersburg invites visitors with hearing loss and impairment to tours with sign language interpretation of the exhibition Stikhi-Ya-Peterburg. The guided tour will be prepared and delivered by the students of the College of the Interregional Centre for Rehabilitation of People with Hearing Impairment with the help of museum's specialists.

A guided tour of the exhibition Stikhi-Ya-Peterburg is dedicated to the history of development of the urban landscape of the city on the Neva, starting from the 1930s to the present day. An amazing abundance of artists’ fantasies and creative interpretations will allow to present to a visitor a series of endless artistic images of St Petersburg: from gentle and refined paintings and watercolours by artists of the early twentieth century, elusive Impressionist painting from the 1950s, desolate metaphysical urban landscapes of Nonconformist art, mischievous and cheerful works by Mitki to contemporary landscapes that contain a powerful polyphony of emotional experiences of their creators. 

This is the first time that works from the MASP collection, presented at the exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary of the collection, are being shown on such a scale and in such context.

Duration: 1 hour

LocationMuseum galleries

SpecialistOksana Ilzina, Students of the College of Interregional Centre for Rehabilitation of People with Hearing Impairment

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