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Barsky Yevgeny
"The Star Matter"
26 October – 26 November, 2023
26 October – 26 November, 2023
Paroxysmal Volcanic Eruption. 2022
Paroxysmal Volcanic Eruption. 2022
A volcanic eruption is a spectacular sight that not everyone gets to see. A Petersburg artist Yevgeny Barsky, known for his striking artistic manner, is among such lucky people. Paintings and pastels in the exhibition The Star Matter will allow visitors to view this unique natural phenomenon through the artist’s eyes.

Yevgeny Barsky was born in 1950 in Leningrad and studied at the famous Repin Institute of Arts, but his unique style emerged not within the studio walls, but in the course of travelling. The main theme of his work was determined during expedition trips to Kamchatka.

The fierce and beautiful elements of eruption, the variety of shades of sulphur and magma – all this awakened his imagination. Barsky has been at the foot of many famous volcanoes, including Stromboli (Italy) and Mount Fuji (Japan). Whatever the artist paints, he strives to go beyond fleeting impressions and to find the eternal in a particular and simple motif.

The main characteristics of his style are the universal scale and expressive manner. The artist depicted not only volcanoes, but also the cosmos: the Sun, the Moon and the stars. Even in the images of such "earthly" places as Venice, one can see the features of "cosmism".

The exhibition The Star Matter is a colourful emotional journey through the universe, breaking the boundaries between figurative painting and abstraction. It is an opportunity to escape from the small world of daily life into the majestic and somewhat dangerous domain of nature. Barsky’s ever large-scale paintings, both canvases and pastels, are like the elements that conveys the unrestrained imagination and indomitable artistic temperament of the master.

The exposition includes over 50 works from the last three decades, which most vividly and comprehensively reflect the range of the artist's interests, the direction of his creative quest and constitute the essence of Barsky's art. The exhibits are from MASP, the artist's studio and private collections.